100 Days of “How To”…

Three years ago today I was at a kick ass party…my wedding.  I was also getting prepared for one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken.  Yes, that walk down the aisle was a transformation, however the honeymoon afterwards was a seriously close second.  We went on a food focused tour of the south including Nashville, Savannah and New Orleans and I chronicled our journey right here on The Curvy Cook.  It was freaking awesome.

In some aspects it feels like it went by in a blink, and in other ways  I feel like it was so long ago.  Life has had it’s ups and downs since then and so much has happened, especially in this past year.  We’ve moved twice, started a non-profit, celebrated AC’s 5th birthday, and tried to always have fun and eat great food through it all.

The one thing I haven’t done this past year is write.  And I miss it.  So I figured that I had  to find a different way to get myself motivated.  I tried to think of a theme for several postings that I could stick with to get back in the swing of things and one thing kept popping into my head.  People always seem to ask my family and I anytime we do events, or benefits or a new website “How do you know how to DO that?”.  The short answer is that we know because we just do it and we have learned from many years of trial and error.  However, I thought maybe I could turn this into a great series of postings.


So beginning today I’ll be starting “100 Days of How To’s”!  This will be a mix of food, life, relationships, fashion, and anything else I can think of, 100 things to be exact.  These postings will be a collage of How To’s for life.  I hope you join me in these next weeks to talk about new things, learn some great tips and tricks and to answer some burning questions like:  How do you can tomatoes?  How do you find your passion?  How do you dress for your size?  How do you make the perfect cup of hot chocolate?

I’ll be posting every day, with the exception of Sundays, I’m not that ambitious to think I can write a post while we do church, family time, football games and food.  That just ain’t happenin’.

I’d also like you to get involved.  Do you have burning questions?  Things you are wondering but don’t have anyone to ask?  Things you’ve always wanted to know how to do?  Send your suggestions for the “How To” series to and I might just add yours to the list.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement and I hope you guys enjoy the next 100 days!


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